Steve Spurrier is a former quarterback who started for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 12 games and led them to a 0-14 record, completed exactly 50% of his passes, threw 5 more interceptions than touchdowns, and had a QB Rating below 60.0. Despite this, he was named the team's MVP by coach J.K. McKay Sr. He was a former Heisman Trophy winner in college, was taken by the San Francisco 49ers (No. 3 pick overall) and never started a single season. He went on to a long, successful career coaching the Florida Gators, South Carolina, and Washington Redskins.




  • Steve Spurrier's mediocre stats with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, makes fans wonder why he was named MVP when the Tampa Bay's failing season was mostly his fault. Along with that, defensive end Council Rudolph, right outside linebacker Richard Wood, left outside linebacker Jimmy Gunn, wide reciever Morris Owens, running backs Louis Carter and Edward Williams played good seasons actually.